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St Augustine and Augustinian Spirituality



As an Augustinian parish, we emphasise key values of its spirituality: Interiority; Community; Grace and Beauty



St Augustine searched restlessly for meaning and happiness, but often in the wrong places.  Eventually he discovered God had always been within him.  “You were always there, Lord. You were with me, but I was not with you. You were within me, but I was outside”. Our spirituality focuses on the interior search for God, known as Interiority. 



St Augustine’s journey to Christ was shaped by key people in his life; he encountered Jesus in his relationships with others. Therefore the Order’s spirituality also emphasises the importance of friendship and community.


Grace and Beauty

These are two aspects of our spirituality which we have also chosen to explore in our parish.

God's grace - help - leads us to allow God’s strength to become our strength, rather than going it alone.


Finally, beauty is how St Augustine often describes God: “Beauty ever ancient, ever new”.  We exhibit art and see it as a place where we find common ground with people who consider themselves as spiritual but not religious. 


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