Gift or Self-Glory

There’s an episode in the American comedy, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, where Larry David - the main character - has donated money to build a new hospital-wing. He’s proud that he has a plaque with his name on it showing off his generosity. However, he then learns that his friend, Ted Danson, has also donated money but, unlike Larry - and this really upsets him - has asked that he remains anonymous. What really adds salt to the wound though for Larry, is that even though Ted is supposed to be an anonymous donor, he’s craftily made sure that everyone knows it’s him. He gets double the admiration; for being a donor and for having the “humility” of wanting to remain anonymous. This funny story touches on a serious issue, which we also find in today’s gospel reading. The difference between gift and self-glory. Jesus reminds us today that our intentions are all important when it comes to what and why we give material things to others. It might not be money, but it might be our time and our presence that we give to someone this week. That would be in keeping with the widow’s spirit of generosity and pleasing to God - especially if we feel we don’t have much time and we don’t want to.

Fr Gianni Notarianni O.S.A., Parish Priest

Remembrance Sunday - Armistice Centenary

This Remembrance Sunday we mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. We pray for peace and we pray for all those affected by any war, at any time in history.

ABC - About Being Catholic

On Wednesday 5th December we begin this year’s ABC course. This course is for the following people: adults who wish to become Catholic; adult Catholics who wish to be confirmed; any Catholic adult who wishes to learn more about their Catholic faith. The introductory theme is: What are you looking for? led by Fr Gianni.

For the following session, on the 12th December, we will reflect on the great question: Who is God?

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