Never Too Late

“Late have I loved you, Beauty ever ancient and ever new.” These are the words of our very own St Augustine, when in his autobiography, The Confessions, he reflected upon the timing of his conversion to Jesus Christ.

The parable in today’s gospel reading shows us that it’s never too late to come to the gospel. It also points at an attitude of openness to those who come to it late. We should be happy when others find happiness and not resent it.

The Catholic school system here in London can sometimes make us skeptical of those who suddenly start coming to Sunday masses; when applying to a Catholic school the parish priest must sign a form for the family saying that they come to Sunday mass regularly. Although I do not sign forms for families if they haven’t been coming to mass regularly, we have to be careful not to become judges over the faith of others. We too could become like the labourers in the gospel who have been working all day and complain about those who turn up late and get the same pay. We cannot claim to understand fully people’s motives. When we live by the gospel - when we find true happiness - we want the same for others. If we don’t want happiness for others, it means we still need to find it for ourselves.

Fr Gianni Notarianni O.S.A.

Parish Priest

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